At our June 6, 2018, Puget Sound Harbor Safety Committee meeting, the Department of Ecology made a presentation regarding the Vessel Traffic Safety Report they are required by state legislation to prepare. Responding to the request of many at the meeting, ECY has made the following background documents available.  These documents are all available at the links below:

  1. The slide presentation at the meeting
  2. A handout explaining the project to develop the report
  3. The list of the organizations we have been contacting regarding input participation
  4. An explanation of the scopes for each section of the report
  5. List of current studies that will be considered in report development
  6. List of other studies submitted for consideration

There was a webinar in May, the recording of which can be found at:

If anyone on the Harbor Safety Committee has a specific study that they think we should include, they may send it to Rob Dengel, the sooner the better. The more specific you can be about what part of the study you want ECY to consider, the easier it will be for ECY  to determine if we can include it in the report.

ECY will be back at the August PSHSC meeting to present the DRAFT report.
ECY "values and appreciates the Harbor Safety Committee and its members’ interest as we develop the Vessel Safety Report directed to us by the Washington State Legislature."  HSC members are welcome to contact Rob Dengel directly if they have any questions or specific concerns regarding the report. He can be reached at 360 407-6905 or