The Puget Sound Harbor Safety Plan is currently undergoing its annual review in early 2017 and an updated version will be available very soon.  The following Standard of Care was recently revised and is highlighted here as it is already approved and in effect:


This is a longstanding SOC that has been revised on several occasions, including in 2016 when anchoring in certain areas during winter months was addressed.  This year, this SOC is again revised to address a concern raised by residents along shorelines where big ships are anchored.  Specifically, the SOC ask that ships minimize lighting and noise at night.  Open the title link to see the details.  This revised SOC will eventually be included in the Harbor Safety Plan upon completion of the 2017 review.

Harbor Safety Plan Section A -- Introduction (76KB)

This Section includes Statement of Purpose, Committee Membership, Geographic Applicability.

Harbor Safety Plan Section B -- General Information (404KB)

This Section includes information regarding: Aids to Navigation, Advance Notice of Arrival; Automatic Identification System; Charts (Required); Communications (Emergency Response); Fishing Net Conflict Resolution; Naval Vessels - Protection Zones; Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary; Pilotage; Small Vessel and Marine Management; and Tanker Size Restrictions.